As we aware 70% of Indian population is depending on Agriculture and it is the major occupation and revenue source for the rural people. After the green revolution in agriculture since 1960’s lot of importance has been given to the Agricultural sector.

With advanced research and scientific innovations in Agriculture many farmers are practicing new methods of cultivation. In a recent development large number of MNC’s and Indian corporate companies are entering into agriculture sector for the production and procurement of agricultural products.

This has enhanced confidence and willingness of farmers to go for modern cultivation of different crops. Scientific research is also in progress through Agricultural universities and Research centers located at different parts of the country. We notice that the benefits of modern scientific knowledge in agriculture and allied sectors have not been reaching Indian farmers at required levels. Hence there is a need for media to focus on this sector and educate the farmers through audio visual methods to improve their farm income and livelihood.

In this context Srushti Media which has been set up under “Agri clinic scheme” is offering requisite information, guidance and support to the farming community, has been actively participating in helping farmers learn the latest technology and implement new skills and processes for getting higher yields.


  • Creating awareness among the farming community
  • Educating farmers in adoption of improved agricultural practices
  • Bridging the gap between farmers, research institutes, Agricultural Universities and Govt. Departments
  • Empowering farmers in their livelihoods
  • Motivating rural youths to practice agriculture
  • Developing youths to become entrepreneurs
  • Adoption of technology in transmission of information to the farmers
  • Use of media in popularizing new technologies


  • Proper utilization of new media (internet, blogs, social media) in dissemination of scientific information to farmers
  • Educating farmers in adoption of improved agricultural practices
  • Making illiterate farmers familiar with use of media for getting information
  • One stop media center to get solutions for technical issues related to agriculture and allied activities
  • Empowering farmers to adopt sustainable agricultural practices to increase their farm income

CD's List
MyPassion CD Production

We are proud to state that for the first time in Karnataka state we have introduced a concept of producing video CD’s on agriculture and other allied sectors. These video CD’s contains scrupulously researched and detailed information on seasonal crops, commercial crops, patterns of crop rotation, application of fertilizers, pesticides, profitable dairying, etc. Suggestions from scientists and subject-related experts, to be followed for achieving higher yields, are made available through these video CD’s.

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